Monday, October 20, 2008

The Power and Principle of Destiny (Part 1).

Destiny is the fulfilment of a divine purpose in your life. In other words, it is the finished line of the race that you are running. However, for your destiny to be fulfilled, you need to have a vision. Vision is a glimpse of your destiny. In other words, vision is when you see your destiny. Put differently, vision is destiny in pictures. You need to see farther than your eyes can look for you to get to your destination in life.

There is power in how a man sees himself and in what a man thinks he is. See yourself as a great man and do not dare think little. There is a popular maxim that says: "If you think little, you will remain little and move with little people". That's true! Think "BIG" and I assure you that you will certainly become great! You should however note that it's not just thinking big that makes a man great. You need to utilise the talents and potentials in you to become your dream man. According to Zig Ziglar, "Sitting still and making wishes makes no man great. The good Lord brings in the fishes, but you must dig the bait". Tap the untapped, release the reservoir.

Give yourself a good name. Don't bear a bad pet name or nickname as what such a name means might befall you. There is a latin aphorism which says "Nomen est omen", meaning "Name is an omen". Needless to say, the word "omen", is strictly analogous with what most people call "luck". So whatever name you bear, might affect you positively or negatively. I've heard some people bear names like "calamity", "broken bottle", etc. This is chronically horrible! Bear a good name and it shall be well with you. Watch Out for the Principles of Destiny in Part 2.

Cheers, and Cheerio.
Joel Odaudu (Minister).

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